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  • Room apartment with parking

    Room apartment with parking

    Auction 941
    Ravenna (Ravenna) - 47 mq

    Subject of this sale is a studio apartment with parking.The residential real estate unit is located on the first floor of a residential-tourist use building located in Marina di Ravenna, in the municipality of Ravenna, via Silvio Pellico 32. The complex is built a few hundred meters from the sea, in the third line with the shoreline, in the residential-tourist area full of green with old maritime pine trees. The structure, built on two floors, has articulated form with two main bodies connected to the upper floors. The building is made of reinforced concrete structure with inserts of metal portions in the exterior stairwells while the yard is fenced with concrete wall and metal railing, where on the public highway are driveways and walkways.The property for sale has access from external metal staircase on the opposite side of Via S.Pellico from which you reach the first-floor corridor. Through a security door you enter the studio to form an "L" comprises two distinct zones: the day connected through an area to use the living room to the bathroom, anda sleeping area formed through a partition wall decor. The property has a balcony accessible from the living area and features internal doors in white laminate and wooden window frames and PVC shutters. The apartment has all the typical plant equipment on the intended use, including im-cry of heating and preparation for the air conditioning system.In the area below the building and the central buildings it is situated the parking lot of property, bounded by pillars and walls of the ground floor.The property is sold furnished (inventory movable property attached) and is in good condition.Buyers do not make it their business of service charges originated before the sale.The property is described in the attached expert opinion as Lot 2.

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  • handicraft factory

    handicraft factory

    Auction 943
    Ravenna (Ravenna) - 6140 mq

    Subject of this sale is an artisan complex consists of a large industrial building with the court, as well areas for urbanization, located in Ravenna via Alleys corner via Frisians.The complex is situated in the area recently crafted expansion to the south-east of the inhabited center of Ravenna, with visibility from the parallel S.S. Adriatic (via Classicana). On this side face portions with large windows developed on two floors while on the back side of the building is developed in more housing units built with industrial characteristics, using prefabricated structures with pillars and curtain walls of reinforced concrete. The square surrounding the entire building allowing the movement of heavy vehicles also also the whole area is fenced with stone wall and wire mesh grill while the lottery accesses are permitted by two driveways with automatic barrier.Complex there are five units, one of which is built on two levels on the front, while the remaining four on the back. The unit is marked on the front ground floor of a large room with glass facades on three sides, in which two compounds service bodies were obtained from each dressing room and bathroom. In horizontal floor there are two openings in the rough for the future construction of internal stairs connecting the first floor. From the back of the lot with carriage ramp leads to the first floor of a similar size to those of the ground floor. On the back there are four similar units to each other and consist of a large open space craft destination comprising a block with toilets and pedestrian and vehicular access independent. The covering structure of these units is composed of prefabricated shaped shells, such as to define the drains and windows.The building features concrete floors smoothed quartz while there are minimal electrical plant equipment for sole distributorship points of light. We note the absence of the heating system.The complex is in good condition.Buyers do not make it their business of service charges originated before the sale.

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