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    Agricultural lands with rural buildings

    Auction 4062
    Cesena (Forlì-Cesena) - 194344 mq

    Subject of this sale are a vast complex of agricultural land and two farm buildings located in Pievesestina in the municipality of Cesena (FC). The buildings are located in an extra-urban area, mainly agricultural territory, located to the west of Cesena, not far from the E45 road axis.The area is completely flat and basically consists of a single agglomeration of land, with the exception of two buildings with access from Via San Giuseppe. All land is currently destined for agricultural, arable or other farming, with the exception of a part destined for the court of the two warehouses for the passage of vehicles. The complex of land is enclosed between the streets Via San Cristoforo, Via San Giuseppe and Via San Crispino. The two rural buildings consist of:- barn-type metal shed with no infill, totally in metal structure both for pillars and roof beams with a layer of pre-painted sheet panels;- agricultural shed characterized by an elongated shape, typically used for breeding and / orremittances, made with pillars and concrete roof beams and masonry infill. It consists of a single compartment with external driveway openings, as well as perimeter windows along the two main fronts.Internal paving in rolled cement. The double-layered roof with shed is made of fiber cement. Localized infiltrations are present

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