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    Ruins of house and warehouse

    Auction 951
    Forlì (Forlì-Cesena) - 173 mq

    Subject of this sale are ruins of buildings for residential and warehouse with land, located in Forlì (FC) via Balzella 20 / E. The lot is located on the edge of the settlement, immediately adjacent the beginning of the industrial area of ??Forlì, in the area with the necessary planning standards.The object of sale real estate concern in a private house on the front street, now almost completely collapsed, and a warehouse with wooden structure of which only the skeleton.Both buildings are now virtually non-existent, although it is still legible their shape and perimeter. The lot is completely covered with grass and overgrown with weeds: on the street side is placed a fence with a temporary network construction, on Forlì and east sides are placed two fences while the back is not any visible demarcation. The property lies in sub-area A6.2 (CDU attached) in which the law provides the possibility of demolition and faithful reconstruction of an identical building structure to shape, and volume of sediment to the existing area, with mandatory aspects of reintegration stylistic and original decorative. Note also that parts of the building with destination services, separate from the main building will have to maintain the function of the main activities and services may not be functionally connected to the main building.The estimated value of the said area was performed by assimilating it to a lot of potential to allow the recovery of outstanding amounts still demonstrable today (Sc = 173.45 square meters).

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