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  • Car garage in the basement. Sub. 7

    Car garage in the basement. Sub. 7

    Auction 743
    Faenza (Ravenna) - 17 mq

    Subject of this sale is a garage. The property is located in the basement of a building block consisting of multiple units for offices, shops and housing, located in Faenza (RA). The building is developed on four floors above ground, plus the basement with structure in reinforced concrete. The paving of sidewalks and driveways cortilizi spaces is a large porphyry tozzetto while on the floor of the courtyard there are large metal grilles for the ventilation of the garage floor.The property for sale has pedestrian and vehicular access to the rear of Via Mameli in private area for public use by a ramp flanked with an external staircase or via the internal stairwells building. The garage is individual and consists of one room, accessible through a special tilting opening with aeration. The garage is equipped with light point, point taken, connection and drain. The property is in good condition.

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