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  • craft workshop with outbuildings

    craft workshop with outbuildings

    Auction 762
    Cervia (Ravenna) - 124 mq

    Subject of this sale is a workshop with the court on the ground floor and rooms used for storage on the basement site in a commercial-residential complex in Viale Tritone in Cervia (RA).The complex is entered in maritime tourist area in the town center, in overlooking a central street of easy access and excellent visibility. The building has a linear and compact design with a small outdoor porch overlooking Viale Tritone and exclusive area overlooking the public sidewalk. The complex is located near the Pinarella shopping center a few hundred meters from the sea.The property for sale is located in the central part of the complex closest to the sea side, and is characterized by large windows on the public highway. The building is equipped with porch of property and an area outside the exclusive competence developed on the front of the building. From the porch you enter the large room used as workshop where you will find a toilet with window with bathroom and dressing room. Next to the bathroom in the local laboratory is positioned a glass door that allow access to the rear of the building.Through an internal staircase in masonry, covered in granite, you enter on the basement, it consists of a large room for storage use of similar size to the above house. The unit is characterized by external aluminum frames with double glazing, interior flooring Stoneware porch, wood paneled doors, walls with washable dye painting, wall boiler for central heating system and radiators, electrical and telecommunications typical of the intended 'use.The state of general maintenance of the building is good.

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  • Storage on the ground floor

    Storage on the ground floor

    Auction 862
    Faenza (Ravenna) - 36 mq

    Subject of this sale is a storage place on the ground floor of the inner courtyard of a building block consisting of multiple units for offices, shops and housing, located in Faenza (RA), via Mameli. The paving of sidewalks and driveways cortilizi spaces is a large porphyry tozzetto while on the floor of the courtyard there are large metal grilles for the ventilation of the garage floor.The property for sale, of about 36 square meters, has pedestrian access from under the porch of the body D through a metal door with glazed fanlight. The restaurant is characterized by a long corridor that leads to a compartment almost square with tile flooring, handholds and light point. Along the corridor there is also the electrical panel. The state of conservation is good although there is some sign of moisture due to poor ventilation.

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  • handicraft factory

    handicraft factory

    Auction 943
    Ravenna (Ravenna) - 6140 mq

    Subject of this sale is an artisan complex consists of a large industrial building with the court, as well areas for urbanization, located in Ravenna via Alleys corner via Frisians.The complex is situated in the area recently crafted expansion to the south-east of the inhabited center of Ravenna, with visibility from the parallel S.S. Adriatic (via Classicana). On this side face portions with large windows developed on two floors while on the back side of the building is developed in more housing units built with industrial characteristics, using prefabricated structures with pillars and curtain walls of reinforced concrete. The square surrounding the entire building allowing the movement of heavy vehicles also also the whole area is fenced with stone wall and wire mesh grill while the lottery accesses are permitted by two driveways with automatic barrier.Complex there are five units, one of which is built on two levels on the front, while the remaining four on the back. The unit is marked on the front ground floor of a large room with glass facades on three sides, in which two compounds service bodies were obtained from each dressing room and bathroom. In horizontal floor there are two openings in the rough for the future construction of internal stairs connecting the first floor. From the back of the lot with carriage ramp leads to the first floor of a similar size to those of the ground floor. On the back there are four similar units to each other and consist of a large open space craft destination comprising a block with toilets and pedestrian and vehicular access independent. The covering structure of these units is composed of prefabricated shaped shells, such as to define the drains and windows.The building features concrete floors smoothed quartz while there are minimal electrical plant equipment for sole distributorship points of light. We note the absence of the heating system.The complex is in good condition.Buyers do not make it their business of service charges originated before the sale.

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  • Shed warehouse use

    Shed warehouse use

    Auction 954
    Forlì (Forlì-Cesena) - 526 mq

    Subject of this sale is a portion of the shed used for storage located in Forlì (FC) via Golfarelli 52. The property is sandwiched in production-craft areas, on the edge of the industrial area of ??Forlì, easily accessible from the A14 motorway . The entire complex, made up of different units, it forms an "L" and not directly faces Via Golfarelli from which it is separated by an area used for parking. The outer court is part common to all the sheds and size required for transit of means and unloading goods. The structure is prefabricated type with infill concrete horizontal and cover horizontal concrete slabs panels. The whole complex shows a great date from remote antiquity constructive era.The property for sale consists of a large room for storage use, in which an office and a toilet is housed. The storage unit is characterized by a large entrance door of a width iron and glass such as to allow access to the means and by a smaller one on the opposite side. In the warehouse, the floor is concrete with showy cracks, while the lighting is guaranteed by ribbon windows placed on both sides towards the outside. The restaurant has an electrical system and lighting very decrepit and unusable. The compartment for office use office, not present in the cadastral plan, is developed on two floors made of wood and / or lightweight panels of other materials that have been used to coat a self-supporting metal structure. The flooring of this locality has been realized with ceramic tiles in a square shape, while the ceiling is in mineral fiber panels. The toilets consist of a bathroom with dressing room with sanitary facilities and present but very antiquated. The first floor is not currently available because it does not have a ladder outside. By a visual inspection it was confirmed the presence of asbestos fibers in cover. The building is located in a poor general state of preservation due to its age.Buyers do not make it their business of service charges originated before the sale.

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  • Warehouse with offices in industrial and craft area

    Warehouse with offices in industrial and craft area

    Auction 1142
    Forlì (Forlì-Cesena) - 488 mq

    Subject of this sale is a warehouse use mail real estate unit in the industrial-industrial area of ??Forlì in Via E. Fermi 4. The property is placed inside completely urbanized area, with the main public utilities and easy access from the exit the A14 motorway exit. The industrial building including the unit is divided into two portions of similar size with road access by a private dirt road (co-owned by third-party companies) on the northeast side. The building on the front has an area currently used as a public car park, from which it is bounded by concrete wall with no railing.The building has a prefabricated type structure with pillars on the plinth, vertical curtain panels, shells of concrete cover of the beam truss.The property for sale is located in the southeastern portion of the building facing on the private dirt road and develops into one large room with cadastral destination "warehouse" in which there are two offices, a dressing room and a toilet. Through a metal staircase leads to the mezzanine above the parapet with both offices, while the upper floor of the body toilets and changing rooms are accessed via a staircase marinara fire type. The shed has an industrial concrete floor type to semi vetusto quartz and ceramic coating in the bathroom. The pedestrian entrance is allowed by the metal door that doubles as a driveway access while on the opposite side is a metal canopy made by the tenant. The unit is also part of a thermal power station with external door. At plant level, there are heaters and electrical systems to external channel. From the findings of visual inspections in coverage it is probable that the presence of asbestos. On the spot they encounter various works including inside the building practices of which however is not concluded the process, including the local building changing rooms and internal staircase for access to the loft.the leased property with the lease as of 01/01/2002 for a period of 6 + 6 yearsProperty described in the attached expert opinion as Lot 2

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  • abandoned industrial complex

    abandoned industrial complex "ex furnace"

    Auction 1150
    Treia (Macerata) - 292463 mq

    Subject of this sale is an industrial complex "ex factory Bartoloni" place in the municipality of Treia Contrada Moje on the road, about 3 km from the inhabited center and about 8 km from Macerata.The entire complex, whose final closing took place in 2001 and now abandoned, is comprised of several bodies of constructive age factory made with different structures and types due to various expansionary periods, set on a large territory on the edge of the agricultural zone. Of these are traditional masonry, others framed structure a.c. while the latest in metal frame. Most of the ships are in the process of collapse or semi unsafe and have pitched roofs in the "time", typical of the post-war industrial buildings. Within the complex there are also two buildings that are surveyed and classified as protected since recognized "historical value typological" bearing demolition ban, in particular the building recognizable from the chimney and the main building of the cadastral 370. To detect the very low amount of fibro-cement after the remediation that occurred on municipal ordinances in recent years and the presence in some buildings of large amounts of ceramic material at one time intended for sale. On the west and mainly on the particle 248 develops a large plot free of buildings and inside a basin of water resulting from the natural filling of the tanks of clay extraction.There has been inadequate road services and undersized compared to the importance and the potential of the complex and each any future development.For the estimation it was assumed that any intervention to be proposed area is based on the conservation of portions bound to it, but with the assumption of the demolition of all the existing and new second reconstruction project.

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  • multifunctional production area

    multifunctional production area

    Auction 1155
    Cesena (Forlì-Cesena) - 41246 mq

    Subject of this sale is a large-scale industrial complex, abandoned, site locationsMartorano of Cesena, at the corner of Via Ravenna and the new subdivision road via Ascari.Currently in a state of complete abandonment is inspected almost exclusively from the outside as a result of continuous illegal intrusions, all external openings (doors and windows) have been interdicted by applying fixed railings yard type. The buildings are divided mainly into three bodies of factory for convenience referred to as "A" - "B" and "C" as cadastral plan.BODY: in overlooking Via Ravenna has the greatest surface. Presents structural characteristics typical of the industrial age of the '60s with framed structures performed in opera, circular roof with large windows on the side gables, large outdoor canopies to the loading and unloading operations service.From the floor plans on the ground floor are present local processing and cells which occupied about 50% of the surface in addition to a loading area for heavy vehicles. On the first floor overlooking Via Ravenna is the caretaker's apartment and some offices.BODY B: building developed on the back of the lot with typological and constructive features of economic industrial type of the 80s, consisting of a rectangular body in prefabricated structure with pillars and infill panels. From floor plans it is composed of a large deposit and cells.BODY C: developed perpendicular to the path of Ravenna, on the long side were made masonry elements reproducing an arcade, but in the open. From external openings you can see inside the state very degraded conservation: you observe partition walls with partitions brick and even in insulated laminated panels (solid or glazed). From floor plans in possession it shows that both planes were used as offices.The connection between the body A and B has been realized through a shed. The lot is fenced on all sides with a wall and gate. All squares are abandoned with fully vetusto bitumen wear pad with weeds. An initial visual inspection is inclined to confirm the presence of asbestos in the roof.

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