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    abandoned industrial complex "ex furnace"

    Auction 1150
    Treia (Macerata) - 292463 mq

    Subject of this sale is an industrial complex "ex factory Bartoloni" place in the municipality of Treia Contrada Moje on the road, about 3 km from the inhabited center and about 8 km from Macerata.The entire complex, whose final closing took place in 2001 and now abandoned, is comprised of several bodies of constructive age factory made with different structures and types due to various expansionary periods, set on a large territory on the edge of the agricultural zone. Of these are traditional masonry, others framed structure a.c. while the latest in metal frame. Most of the ships are in the process of collapse or semi unsafe and have pitched roofs in the "time", typical of the post-war industrial buildings. Within the complex there are also two buildings that are surveyed and classified as protected since recognized "historical value typological" bearing demolition ban, in particular the building recognizable from the chimney and the main building of the cadastral 370. To detect the very low amount of fibro-cement after the remediation that occurred on municipal ordinances in recent years and the presence in some buildings of large amounts of ceramic material at one time intended for sale. On the west and mainly on the particle 248 develops a large plot free of buildings and inside a basin of water resulting from the natural filling of the tanks of clay extraction.There has been inadequate road services and undersized compared to the importance and the potential of the complex and each any future development.For the estimation it was assumed that any intervention to be proposed area is based on the conservation of portions bound to it, but with the assumption of the demolition of all the existing and new second reconstruction project.

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